Jay Z Has ‘Biggest Fight Of Marriage’ With Beyonce Over Kim Kardashian

Super star couple Jay Z and Beyonce reportedly got into the “biggest fight of their marriage” over the presence of Kanye West’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian at the 40th birthday party of the rapper’s longtime friend Tyran ‘TyTy‘ Smith.

The ‘Love On Top’ singer reportedly refused to attend the party after she learnt that Kanye had invited his reality TV star girlfriend causing Jay Z to become caught in the middle.

The rapper was devastated that his wife would be so disrespectful to baby Blue Ivy’s godfather and his oldest friend over her disapproval of Kim.

An insider told MediaTakeOut.com: “Beyonce didn’t want to go when she learned that Kim [Kardashian] would be there. She asked [Jay Z] to uninvite [Kim]. But [Jay] was like, ‘That’s Kanye’s guest, and I can’t uninvite her.'”

The party was a huge event that had been planned for months and coincided with the start of the ‘99 Problems’ star’s ‘Watch The Throne’ tour with Kanye.

He was said to be devastated that Beyonce refused to come to London.

“Jay was upset and hurt. That’s his best friend in the world, TyTy [and his family] vacation with [Jay and Bey],” the source said.

“And he’s the godfather to Blue. . . [Jay Z] thought it was disrespectful for [Beyonce] to not attend just because of [Kim].”

It had been rumoured that Kim was hoping that the London trip would bring her closer to the ‘Countdown’ singer. Though reports that ‘momager’ Kris Jenner was hoping to get the uber private Beyonce and Jay Z on their reality TV show no doubt scared them off.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Rihanna were among stars who attended the exclusive event. Kim reportedly didn’t let her ‘Gold Digger’ boyfriend leave her side all night, no doubt fearful of those who didn’t want her there.