Jay Z Acts as Toilet Guard for Beyonce, Annoys Customers

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According to reports, rapper Jay Z acts as his wife Beyonce’s toilet guard when they’re dining out. The couple recently enjoyed a meal at Hollywood vegan restaurant Crossroads and when Bey had to use the restaurant’s facilities, Jay first made sure the bathrooms were clear of other people before guarding the door while the singer used the bathroom, even turning away other customers by asking them politely if they would mind waiting, but some were left feeling annoyed over the brief wait. An insider commented:

”Halfway through their meal Jay got up and asked a waitress to check if anyone was currently in the bathroom. Once they had established the loos were empty, Beyoncé scurried inside while he stood guard over the door. When a couple of customers tried to go in, he politely asked them if they’d mind waiting until his wife was done. Some customers were a bit miffed, but Beyoncé was also embarrassed when she came out.”

The only reason the couple act so strangely about using the bathroom is because Beyonce has a fear of fans cornering her when she’s alone so she tries to keep someone nearby:

”She gets scared of getting accosted by someone who recognises her in public bathrooms. If she has a female friend with her, she always gets them to accompany her. But this time it was just her and her husband.”

Photo: PRPhotos