Jared Leto Went to the Supermarket in Drag to Stare at Food

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

Jared Leto recently took on the role of a cross-dressing character for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ recently and opened up on the experience, admitting that he once went to the supermarket while dressed up in drag and he thinks no one was fooled. Jared’s character in the film is suffering from AIDS so he was forced to drop weight in order to look realistic. He admits that he would just stare at the food on the shelves while people stared at him in turn:

”Yeah, I did that a lot and – as pretty a woman as I thought I made – I didn’t fool anyone. I went to the supermarket [in drag], mainly to stare at food because I wasn’t eating, and I got lots of looks. Some were just like, ‘Wait, is that … that guy from films? Dressed as a woman?’ But I also got a look that was like, ‘I don’t know who or what that is, but I don’t f***ing like it.’ A judgement, a condemnation.”

Jared comments that the dramatic weight loss required for the role was hard for him and it wasn’t particularly fun. He also had to have hours worth of makeup applied before filming which made it even harder:

 ”Losing 40lb – that’s not fun. Let me be clear: there’s no fun making a movie like ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. I don’t think one joke was cracked the entire time. Obviously, there are funny bits in the film – I don’t think it made the final cut … on the whole, the process of acting can be very tedious. For this movie, I was in make-up for eight hours. Twenty minutes is annoying, y’know, but eight hours?’

However, Jared says it was all worth it because he loves the end result and is passionate about film:

”I love film. I love the end product. So, no matter how hard it is, the rewards are always worth it.”

Photo: PRPhotos