Japan has invented wine for cats so you don’t have to drink alone

It’s Friday night, your girlfriends (or boyfriends) are all busy, and you’ve found yourself in a melancholy slump on the sofa with a glass of Merlot, and only your cat for company, what do you do? You get your cat involved with the wine action of course, because a new beverages company have just made a night in with your feline friend one to remember…

A Japanese company called B&H has started selling wine made “exclusively for cats”, so you and your fluffy companion can have the pur-fect Friday night in.

The ingenious new drink is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” (“nyan nyan” is the Japanese version of “meow meow”). We feel it important to highlight that the wine doesn’t actually contain any alcohol, getting your cat drunk without their permission would just be cruel, but it does contain juice from Cabernet grapes, which give it that red wine taste, vitamin C and catnip.

wine for cats

Japan has invented wine for cats (Google)

The new drink costs around 399 yen for a bottle (£2.50) and it won’t be around forever as the company is only producing 1000 in total so, if you want to get crunk with your kitty, you need to get your hands on them fast.

The invention hardly comes as a surprise for Japan given that the country has also invented a ‘kid’s beer,’ though we can’t just let Japan have all the credit when it comes to weirdly wonderful cat inventions. Check out some of our favs below!

Cat bedroom

For those of you guilty of spoiling your kitty, you might be interested to know that there is actually a mini cat bedroom available to buy. The compact suit is comprised of a small ‘double’ bed, for when you cat has company, and two bedside tables.


Cat furniture

inventions for cats (Lisbonite)

Hidden cat bathroom

Cat furniture

inventions for cats (elipsdesign.com)

No matter how much you love your kitty, looking down at the feces in its litter box is never a nice thing but once furniture company have come up with a unique new way of banishing the issue for good. Ladies and gentleman, we give you the all-in-once cat bathroom. Looks like a table, but it’s certainly not a contraption you’d want to put your food on top of. Ew…

Cat burger bed

Cat furniture

inventions for cats (Petz Route)

We love this just because it’s possibly the cutest nap-time gadget we’ve ever seen. Just look how snug that little guy looks! Do they do them in human-sizes?

Pet and person rocking chair

Cat furniture

inventions for cats (Paul Kweton)

It’s common knowledge that rocking chairs are infinite fun and now your cat can get in on the action thanks to this crazy gadget.

Cat duster slippers

cat duster slippers

inventions for cats (bunnyslippers.com)

Feel like you’re constantly hoovering your floors? Why not treat yourself to these cat duster slippers that allow your cat to polish the surfaces whilst they stroll around the house. Cat hair? What car hair?

Cat radiator bed

Cat furniture

Furniture for cats (amazon.com)

This nifty little device helps your cat beat the winter blues by snuggling up to a nice warm radiator.

Cat play table

Cat furniture

Furniture for cats (LYCS)

If you’re one of those people with a clingy kitty then this cat play table could prove to be a win-win. You can type up your work on its level surface, while your cat is free to roam in the cat den it boasts below.

Cat hammock table

Cat furniture

inventions for cats (Koichi Futatsumata)

If your cat is less of a player and more of a sleeper then you’ll love this cat hammock coffee table which lets your feline friend relax in the living room whilst you watch the TV. The fact its glass also mean you get to keep an eye on your fluffy little buddy.