Jamie Lynn Spears Saves The Day: Used Large Knife To Stop Fight

Jamie Lynn Spears came to the rescue last weekend when a fight broke out in the Louisiana sandwich shop she and her friend were eating at. Britney’s little sis found herself in a dangerous situation when a brawl erupted in the Hammond, Louisiana, Pita Pit restaurant she was at.

According to TMZ, Jaime Lynn’s friend was knocked over by a group of fighting guys inside the restaurant, and Jaime Lynn sprang into action, grabbing a large knife and warding off the attackers!

Jamie Lynn Spears reportedly broke up a fight at a sandwich shop. (WENN)

“Jamie pulled her behind the sandwich counter — then grabbed a long serrated bread knife and

started waving it around to stop the fight,” the site reported.

Jamie Lynn’s brave act ended up breaking up the fight. TMZ reports that, although the police were called, no one was arrested over the incident.

It’s been quite a year for Jamie Lynn. In addition to her heroic act at the sandwich shop, the former child actress got married to longtime beau Jaime Watson in March, and released her first album, The Journey, in May. She gave up her acting career when she became pregnant with her daughter, Maddie, at the age of 16.

Jaime Lynn has yet to mention the sandwich shop brawl on any of her social media accounts.