Jamie Foxx ‘suffers racist abuse while trying to eat dinner in Croatia as thugs hurl n-word’

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx was left horrified after being subjected to alleged racial abuse while eating at a restaurant in Croatia.

The actor, who has been filming in the country, is now part of an investigation following an incident on Sunday night at the eatery in Dubrovnik.

A criminal investigation is now taking place after the police arrested two men who were behaving “in a particularly rude and insolent manner insulted the guests and staff catering facility.” They also said that they were investigating insults at “one of the guests on racial grounds.”

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One of the insults used was the word ‘crncuga’, which according to Total Croatia News means ‘n*****’.

The police did not name the Ray actor specifically but he addressed the incident on his Instagram page. The stories delete after 24 hours and no longer appear on his page.

“I came to the table and they assaulted us!” a distressed Jamie reportedly said.

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He has been filming the upcoming movie, Robin Hood, in which he plays Little John, alongside Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton.

In a video still on The Daily Mail, he said: “They drunk up in here. I came to the table and they banged on us in Croatian.”