Jake Gyllenhaal And Reese Witherspoon Engaged


Reports are flying around that and Reese Witherspoon are engaged.  I don’t think I believe this one.  Reese is too smart of a girl to jump that fast back into a marriage.  Especially after the humiliation she had to go through in her divorce with , which by the way was just finalized in October.  Who knows though, could just be a long engagement to see how things go.

Friends claim Gyllenhaal proposed to Witherspoon during the couple’s vacation in Rome, last October.  A pal says, “Not only were they (her friends) crazy about Jake, they could see he was absolutely nuts about her. But you’ve go tot understand – Reese is a one-man woman who hates playing the field. When Jake proposed in Rome, he knew Reese needed time, and didn’t really expect her to say ‘yes’ right away. He just wanted her to know that he was serious about their relationship – serious enough to make her his wife.”


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