‘It’s Surreal’: Demi Lovato Gets Triple VEVO Certified As Three Videos Pass 100 Million Views

Demi Lovato has thanked her fans and discussed how hands-on she is with creating music videos after being given no less than three VEVO Certified awards in one go.

The X Factor USA judge was given trophies after the clips for her songs ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ and ‘Skyscraper’ all passed the 100 million views barrier.

‘Heart Attack’, released in April, has had 122.9 million spins, while ‘Skyscraper’ has had 103.5 million and ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ has been watched 102.9 million times.

Demi Lovato in her ‘Heart Attack’ music video (YouTube)

Speaking in a specially-recorded interview she said: “Thank you guys so much. This means so much more to me than any of you can imagine. It’s a dream come true so thank you so much.

“In 2013 it’s really important that an artist has a good grasp on making videos, because everything’s on the internet now. Often-times the music video can make or break a song… I’m always involved in the treatments and everything.”

Recalling her first ever experience of a vid, she said: “My first music video was Get Back. That experience was very very exciting for me. It was my music and I was 16… I had so much fun with that.”

Demi helped to direct the video for her latest single ‘Made In The USA’ but – perhaps because she barely features in it – that song is considerably behind her other offerings, with 28 million views in the two months it has been available to watch.

Opening up about the process, she explained: “Almost every single music video has not been exactly what I wanted. I become a perfectionist with it.”