‘It’s Still Flat’: Rihanna Wishes She Had A Bigger Butt

Rihanna may have one of the hottest bodies in the showbiz industry, but the singer has admitted that even she isn’t happy with how she looks 24/7, saying that she “wishes that she had a bigger butt” in a new interview.

RiRi chatted to E! News at MAC’s Soho store recently and she spoke out about how she picks on her body, like majority of the females across the globe.

The Bajan beauty started off the interview by telling E!’s Alicia Quarles where she gets her love of make-up, saying: “I mean, she had so much makeup when I was a little girl, and mostly red lipstick,” before she then added:  “I couldn’t wait to wear it. I put on makeup for the first time when I was 16-years-old and it was so much fun.

“And the rest is history. Now I’m here sitting with MAC.”

The conversation then moved from image to her body woes, with RiRi saying: “I do pick on my body,” she admitted. “It’s a thing that women do. We walk in front of the mirror and we look at our butt. Is it getting bigger today? Ew. It’s still flat.”

We definitely wouldn’t be saying “ew” if we looked like Rihanna!

Meanwhile, the singer also spoke out about people’s perceptions of her “wild Hollywood ways” recently, saying that she isn’t as crazy as people think.

“I think they think I’m drunk all the time. I think they think I am always partying, that my house is probably a party all the time with tons of people and tons of music and no clothes. I think that’s what they think,” RiRi said according to USA Today.

So when she’s not making club appearances, what does RiRi get up to in her spare time? “I’m actually very laid back. I love watching TV on a big old couch by myself. I love to swim in the ocean or the pool,” the S & M singer said.