It’s Not Happening! Adele And Beyonce WON’T Be Performing For Michelle Obama At The White House

The White House have rubbished recent claims that Adele and Beyonce are performing at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party next year.

Sources previously claimed that the pair had been personally approached by the First Lady with an offer to join a star-studded bill at her landmark birthday celebration on January 17.

“America’s First Lady will be holding a huge celebrity packed party for her birthday at the White House next year and, as she adores Adele and Beyonce, she has asked them both to sing,” a source reportedly said, in quotes taken from Digital Spy.

Patriotic: But Beyonce won’t be performing at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday celebrations, a White House spokesperson has confirmed (ABC/WENN)

The White House have since denied the rumour, which they claim was sparked by a British newspaper.

“This is 100% false,” a spokesperson told NBC News. “It was fabricated by a British tabloid.”

While the possibility of Adele singing for Mrs. Obama seems remote, the Oscar-winner’s vocal talents may well be put to use when lovebirds Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tie the knot later this year.

According to reports, former Friends star Aniston has told Tottenham-born Adele she would be ‘honoured’ to have her sing when she finally exchanges vows.