‘It’s Not Easy Being Young’: Miley Cyrus Defended By Godmother Dolly Parton

While the whole world continues to look on in horror at Miley Cyrus’ extreme twerking and jaw dropping skills with a foam finger, Dolly Parton has insisted she has got her God-daughter’s back insisting she would never preach or criticise the 20-year-old instead claiming she’s simply “trying to find her own place and wings and learn to fly”.

The former Disney star has become the most talked about star on the planet this year being barraged with a swarm of bad press from critics for her wild child antics, but the country legend who is close friends with Miley’s father Billy Ray has revealed she thinks the chart topping star is doing a pretty great job.

When asked if she has any words of wisdom for the tongue wagging starlet, Dolly told the London Evening Standard: “If she needs my opinion on something I will surely give it and there have been times we’ve talked.

“But I would never dream of calling her and saying, ‘Well why are you doing this?’ or, ‘You shouldn’t do this or that.”

Mley Cyrus gets backing from god mother Dolly Parton (DJDM/WENN)

Instead, the 67-year-old defended Miley for taking such firm control of her career at such a young age, explaining: “I know she has thought this all through. We’ll let her go and do her own thing.

“It’s not easy being young,” she added. “You’ve almost got to sacrifice your damn soul just to get anything done.”

Is Dolly the coolest God mother ever or what?

Meanwhile Dolly Parton has announced she will be returning to the UK next June for a 13-date arena tour, prompting speculation she could be headlining next year’s Glastonbury festival as their appears to be a coincidental space in her diary the very same weekend.