‘It’s In God’s Hands’: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Aren’t Pregnant Yet

Kim made the exciting announcement on The Today Show

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been surrounded by rumours that they’re trying for another baby for a while, but the news has now been confirmed, with Kim making the exciting announcement on The Today Show.

Kim and Kanye already have a 15month-old daughter, North, and the showbiz couple are desparate for the little one to have a brother or sister, with Kim telling Tim Dormer on Australia’s Today Show on Monday that they are planning on having another baby very soon.

When the Aussie host asked her whether we’ll be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet again, she said: “I hope so, we’re trying,” before she then added: “I guess, it’s all in God’s hands.

“I think [motherhood] has changed me so much, everything is put into perspective and nothing really matters apart from spending time with your family and doing things that really matter to you.”

Kim and Kanye are trying for another baby (Instagram)

Despite the couple trying for another baby, Kim has also been kept busy accompanying Kanye on tour in Australia recently, as well as promoting her new Kardashian Kollection Spring range.

“I try not to miss a show and I love being on tour with him, it’s been the best tour so far,” she said of supporting her other half.

She also admitted that Kanye has had a say when it comes to her recent change in style: “I think he definitely influences me more, I love the way he dresses, he is a great designer and he gives me amazing style tips.

“I haven’t worked with a stylist in the last two years and I think I’ve been getting more recognition for this evolution in style by using him as my stylist.”

North is hopefully going to have a brother or sister very soon! (Instagram)

With Kim being one of the most famous faces in the world right now, she’s used to having people judge her on her appearance. But, she admitted that she’s managed to ignore the criticism and focus on the positive, like seeing the funny side when it comes down to the abuse that she got for wearing that floral number to the Met Ball, when she was pregnant with Nori.

She said: “My Met look at the Met Ball two years ago when I was really pregnant – I had these gloves and this whole floral print and I loved it.

“I thought it was so cool and it got a lot of criticism and I didn’t care because I really loved it.”