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Looks like Miley Cyrus has reportedly left a Las Vegas night club without a management group after the company heard about her alleged drug taking in the venue.

Beacher’s Madhouse. The clue is in the name. Things can get pretty wild at the infamous nightclub. So when they decided to open a venue in Las Vegas, AKA Sin City, it seemed like Miley Cyrus was the perfect pop star to host the opening night.

According to Radar Online, in December, Miley was paid a whopping $100,000 to open the Beacher’s Madhouse Las Vegas opening night at the MGM Grand Hotel. However, it sounds like Ms Cyrus was not the hostess with the mostess as the management company responsible for Madhouse have now announced their resignation.

A spokesperson for Angel Management Group told Radar: “Miley was freely smoking weed at one point in the club and when we tried to interject, we were told by Beacher’s staff that it was fine.

“We wanted to remove Miley from the property that night, and they wouldn’t let us […] We simply cannot endorse any drug use that is allowed at the club.”

Angel then reiterated their no-nonsense policy on narcotics: “Drug use is NOT tolerated in Vegas and the Gaming Commission can take away the gambling license for the entire hotel if someone is caught at Beacher’s doing drugs. It’s not worth our reputation.”

However, Beacher’s Madhouse has refuted AMG’s comments. In a statement to Radar they addressed the allegations: “While it’s confirmed AMG is no longer managing the venue. It’s absolutely not true, we don’t allow anyone to use drugs in the theatre.”

Miley has never been shy of her fondness for marijuana, often making reference to the plant based drug on Twitter and even naming her pet dog, Mary Jane, a common euphemism for weed.

The 21-year-old caused a stir at the MTV European Music Awards after she lit up a suspicious cigarette whilst accepting her award on stage in Amsterdam.

Miley even told Rolling Stone magazine: “I think weed is the best drug on Earth!”