It’s Fergie Verses Nelly Furtado!

We need a good girly bitch fight…

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas has launched a public assault on Nelly Furtado: it?s a war of words between the two feisty females!

Having had private words and supposedly burying the hatchet with the ‘Maneater’ singer over some song lyrics, Fergie told Ryan Seacrest on his Los Angeles radio show: “Something went down with the lyrics of a song and she thought I was talking about her because we had similar lyrics when our albums came out and it wasn’t even true”

Fergie added: “So she came out with a song talking about it and I approached her and said, ‘Hey, listen, is this song about me, because I heard from (producer) Scott Storch it was,’ and she kinda beat around the bush a little bit… and she said, ‘Yeah,’ and she apologised and I said, ‘OK.’ “I was willing to keep it between us, she goes on MTV, said it wasn’t about me and then I hear on YouTube she’s saying it was about me, so I’m like, ‘OK, which one is it?’ “She was just calling me out on a song… (and now) it’s kinda like a light battle… I’ve said my peace. It’s not like we’re gonna throw down.”


Hopefully Nelly will take Fergie out for good so she?s unable to release anymore terrible records.