‘It’s A Bit Weird’: Caroline Flack Reveals Olly Murs Marriage Plans

Caroline Flack has revealed that she has arranged to marry Olly Murs… providing the pair of them are still single at age 40.

The Xtra Factor host’s mother is apparently obsessed with the idea of the BFFs tying the knot, and she has said that there is the possiboility of it happening.

“People are obsessed with us being together,” she told FAULT. “Even my mum, ‘Aw, will you marry Olly? Please!’ I don’t want to marry him.”

She added: “We’ve said that if we get to 40 we’ve got that whole best friends’ wedding thing going on. It’s a bit weird though isn’t it? Just so unromantic.”

The presenter also discussed her new co-host Matt Richardson, who replaced Olly in time for the new series. Flack revealed that she actually had a part in his recruitment, joking that she “felt like Simon Cowell for a day”.

She gushed: “He’s really nice. He’s really funny. We didn’t want to find a new Olly as such. So we’ve got this really geeky Mr Bean-esque guy. He’s like a hot Mr Bean.”

The 33-year-old is currently into her third year of presenting the spin-off show; a job she and Olly took from Konnie Huq following her single year in the role in 2010.