‘It Would Harm Me’: Johnny Depp Admits Never Watching His Own Movies

Johnny Depp may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world but he has shockingly revealed that he can’t bare to watch himself on the big screen as believes seeing the result would “harm” him and he’s happy to remain “ignorant.

The 50-year-old stars in ‘The Lone Ranger,’ which hits cinemas in the UK this week, alongside Armie Hammer and William Fichtner, but it looks like Johnny won’t be paying much attention at the premieres as he claims that he has never been able to watch his movies back in a bid to keep his sanity.

Johnny Depp can’t watch his own movies back (WENN)

“I made a choice a long time ago, that I was better off not watching my films, which is a drag because you miss out on a lot of your friends’ incredible work,” Johnny told The Independent.

“But I feel like it would just harm me. I would rather stay as ignorant as possible about the result of anything because once you’re done playing that character, it’s really not your business anymore.”

Johnny continued: “Actually, somebody once put together a reel containing bits of different films I had done, and when I saw the characters line up in a row like that, I thought it was amazing that I was able to get away with it.”

He quipped: “Truly. I am just amazed that I still get jobs. I am shocked.”

Meanwhile, Johnny is set to repise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and he admits that it has been hard to shake off his character.

“That’s one of the problems. He’s still in there!” Johnny revealed.

“He never really goes away. I can’t stop him! These characters that you have gotten to live the majority of probably an unhealthy amount of time, they never go away. Which will probably be a problem down the line, but I am not worried about it. Yet.”

Johnny Depp Rocks The Red Carpet At The Lone Ranger Premiere
Saginaw Grant, Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer at the World premiere of The Lone Ranger (Alan Fearon/WENN)