‘It Was Very Shocking’: Lindsay Lohan’s Blood Soaked Photoshoot Explained By Tyler Shields

Troubled star wanted to cause a stir with blood splattered photoshoot

Tyler Shields, the photographer that shot the controversial pictures of Lindsay Lohan dripping in blood during her very public meltdown, has revealed that the troubled star purposely wanted to “shock” the people who were waiting for her to meet a tragic demise.

“You know the first thing we did with her was the blood and all that and that was at an interesting time because people kept saying “oh she’s going to die, she’s gonna die” and I was like so let’s just show them then” Tyler admitted to EntertainmentWise.

“You know, it’s not making fun of it but it’s like, this is what you want? Here it is and it was very shocking to people”

The celebrity pap said that the actress went along with the plan to release the shocking pics, after the pair developed a close bond during a previous shoot:

“Lohan was somebody that I collaborated with and she tweeted me one day, she just tweeted me and said let’s shoot and we started talking, became friends, shot some photos”.

The risque snaps that Tyler took included one of Lindsay wielding a knife in front of a blood splattered wall, another with the star holding a gun to her mouth and a further pic of the star exposing a sharp pair of fangs while dressed as a vampire.

As expected, the photos did cause a stir in Hollywood – but surprisingly – it seemed all the feedback was of a positive kind.

“Multi-talented artist, Tyler pieces tell deep stories and send powerful messages. He pulls objects outside their usual well-recognizable context to trigger viewers’ mind and reaction.” The Examiner.com said in praise of the photographer.

While at the exhibition of his work ‘Life Is Not A Fairytale’ back in May, ‘Star Trek’ star Zachary Quinto gushed: “Just look around. This is unbelievable”.

The exhibition itself was also pretty out there – it apparently featured three open yellow containers of nuclear waste brimming with white gas, a cow with the words “EAT ME” written in red on it’s side, a heart painted with human blood and Mickey Mouse in a tuxedo holding a rifle. Interesting!

Tyler certainly has done well with his shocking subject matter, as he currently owns the number one photographer’s website in the world and is about to release his new book ‘The Dirty Side of Glamour’.