It Was Only A Matter Of Time…

 Susan Boyle Britains Got Talent

Latest internet singing sensation Susan Boyle has been offered $1 million by Kick Ass Pictures, a California-based adult film company, to lose her virginity on camera.

The 47-year-old who took the world by storm after appearing on the UK reality series Britain’s Got Talent singing Les Miserables “I Dreamed a Dream” says she’s a virgin and has never been kissed and now Kick Ass Pictures is looking to cash in.

Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis says:

“The logical extension of that statement is that she’s still a virgin.  We have always wanted to produce a movie in which a bona fide virgin loses her maidenhood on camera. That’s a very personal, intimate moment in a woman’s life. Doing it in front of bright lights and cameras in a San Fernando Valley studio will make it that much more special.”

They have already set up a website,, where fans can vote for possible movie titles.

They say if she were to accept the proposition, she would be flown out to Los Angeles via Virgin Airlines to enjoy her first sexual encounter with a yet-to-be determined adult film star.

Kulkis adds:

“We want real sexual chemistry.  Since we have no way of knowing what Susan’s ‘type’ is, we’ll introduce her to a variety of gentlemen of different races, ages and um, ‘endowments.’ Personally, I think she and Ron Jeremy would be a perfect match.”

And she only has until next week to accept:

“We want to get this movie shot and out while Susan has the world’s attention.  Besides, after 47 years of virginity, I’m sure Susan is also anxious to get something cracking as soon as possible.”

It was only a matter of time before rediculous offers like this started coming out and people start trying to cash in on her newfound success…