Is Prince George Ginger? Looks Like Kate And William’s Son Could Follow Uncle Harry

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in New Zealand ahead of their royal tour today, we got our latest glimpse of Prince George and since we saw him last, at his christening in October he’s grown a crop of hair – and from photos at Wellington airport it looks like those locks could be on the auburn side. 

Yes it looks like our future prince is a very cute little redhead. The eight month old baby looked a little bemused as he clung to his mother as he arrived Down Under and despite the longhaul flight George appeared pretty awake and alert for the trip.

Wearing a white cardigan, shorts and shoes little George looked adorable as he was cradled by his proud mother who was decked out in a Jackie O inspired red pillbox hat and matching double breasted dress coat.

Ginger or blonde? We think George’s hair has a reddish tone to it (SplashNews)

Getting a close look we can see the prince has adorably chubby cheeks along with very light locks that have a definite ginger hue.

It’s not too surprising if George does turn out to be a redhead. After all Prince Harry is famous as the world’s most eligible red top and his great-uncle, Diana Princess of Wales’ brother Charles Spencer is also ginger.

Before George was born it was speculated what the chances were of the baby being ginger and according to geneticists there was a 50/50 chance of red hair based on the couple’s genes.

Alistair Moffat, director of BritainsDNA, told the MailOnline: “As a result of our study, we can say she has a 38.3 per cent chance of being one.

“If those percentages are averaged, it is 52 per cent likely that Kate and Wills will have a red-haired child.”

Looks like the scientists might have been right! George’s hair may well darken as he gets older, but we bet Prince Harry is happy to have another redhead in the family, at least for a little while.

And it could be a good sign that George is a ginger, other British rulers including Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Richard the Lionheart had fiery red hair.

Prince George’s funniest expressions as he arrives in New Zealand

Prince George looks unimpressed as soon as they exit the plane in New Zealand (SplashNews)