Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Body Language Expert Reveals All

With rumours of a royal baby for Kate Middleton and Prince William reaching fever pitch, with claims of a baby bump every time the Duchess steps out the house we asked body language expert Judi James to decipher if there are any signs the couple are keeping a royal secret.

Ever since the couple tied the knot last year the prospect of a royal baby has been on the cards and with Prince William admitted in May during an interview in the US that it was his “top priority” rumours of a royal heir have never been further from the headlines.

The newest coming from Kate’s school friend Jessica Hay who told Life & Style magazine that the couple are expecting and will announce the happy news next month.

She said: “They’re planning to make an announcement in December,”

“I have this on the highest authority, and it’s not to be taken lightly. It’s going to be wonderful, happy news when it’s announced.”

While the palace has chosen not to comment on the claims, we took a look at the royal couple themselves to see if there were any give-away signs.

Looking at Kate’s body language on her recent visit to Cambridge, body language expert Judi James revealed whether she thought the Duchess will soon produce a royal heir.

She told Entertainmentwise: “Kate’s body language has been hinting ‘pregnant’ for well over a year, making it what must be the longest gestation period known to science! She has a habit of carrying her clutch bags in front of her stomach and it’s this gesture, which looks like a protective barrier that always gets the rumours going.

“Some women do find themselves doing this kind of reflex protective gesture when they find out they are pregnant, but it would also be the protective ‘hide’ gesture of a woman like Kate, who knows speculation about any pregnancy will have reached fever pitch by now, and who is aware the whole world has its eyes on that part of her body, poor thing!”

But Judi did reveal that Kate appeared more “vulnerable” during her visit to Cambridge, perhaps a sign she’s got something special to protect.

She went on: “The only real difference in Kate’s body language is coming from her facial expression. She’s always been good at the perfect smile and it’s another signature gesture of her body language toolkit. The smile in these shots is subtly different though. It’s less social and more full-cheeked/spontaneous-looking.”

“She’s also taken to dipping her head down, making her face part-covered by the new long fringe. Both these gestures were used by Diana, i.e. the shy head and the connecting smile. In the past Kate’s smiles have been friendly, confident and elegant, but the new version has a direct connect effect, making it look as though she’s sharing a quiet joke with the audience.“

Judi explained: “Overall her body language is also slightly ‘cuter’, which could imply a new vulnerability.”

But don’t go out and buy any new booties soon though, as Kate’s change could be just due to her new fringe, which she debuted on Wednesday night at an exhibition opening at the Natural History Museum.

“All of this could be caused by the thought of sharing a secret about a baby, but it could also easily be caused by the new haircut! The hair might not look much different to the naked eye but any woman knows that half an inch off the length can make you feel completely shorn.”

She added: “The bashful look and the smile might just be a response to the difference.”

So no solid signs of a baby then, but Judy does give us a helpful hint as to how we can spot if Kate is pregnant in the future, Prince William! Apparently men aren’t that great at hiding their feelings so it could be the new daddy that lets the cat out the bag in the future.

Judi revealed: “Of course she could be pregnant but it might be more useful to look at William’s body language.

“Pregnant women can have many different ‘tells’ from looking tired or fragile to literally glowing. Men are notoriously rubbish at keeping news like this to themselves though, they tend to puff up and stick their chest out and blush a lot.”

So look out William we’re keeping our eyes on you!