Is Jessica Chastain Fighting With BAFTA Rival Jennifer Lawrence?

BAFTA nominees Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence might be up against each other at tonight’s awards, but you’d hope that wouldn’t stop them from getting along. However, according to National Enquirer, their professional rivalry is getting personal.

An insider revealed that Jessica “can’t stand the fact that Jennifer is stealing her thunder!

“What is more, the critics have been gushing over Jennifer’s awards show speeches, and it has been killing Jessica.

“It was a real blow to Jessica when Jennifer took the SAG award. Not only did Jessica think she deserved it, she thought she had it in the bag.

The source added “She tried to put on a brave face for the cameras, but inside he was seething.”

Jennifer Lawrence attended the Acadamy Award Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California, 4 February (Wenn photos)

According to the insider, Jessica was especially angered by Jennifer’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. On the show, Jennifer said “Jessica Chastain – more like Jessica Chast-ain’t winning no Oscar on my watch.

“In ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ you caught Bin Laden. So what? In Winter’s Bone I caught a squirrel – and then I ate it. Boom. Deal with that.”

The source claims that even though Jennifer’s comments were made in jest, “Jennifer felt Jessica trivialised her acting role and didn’t see any humour in the bit. She can’t stand Jennifer all the more for it.”

Neither of the actresses’ reps have commented on the story. We hope this is a gossipy side effect of awards season heat – we think both ladies would be worthy winners, and we’d hate to think that Jennifer’s SNL appearance was anything but hilarious!