Is Harry Styles losing control?

It is quite common for teenagers to try out the things they were prohibited from when they turn 18, whether it’s drinking, gambling or going to a night club. Although, when you’re as famous as the lads from One Direction, all eyes are on your every move and experimenting with this hedonistic activities can get you a bad reputation. That’s what has been said about popular band member, Harry Styles, as concerns are growing that he’s flying off the rails.

Styles was spotted recently at a roulette table in a casino and this has caused growing concerns to rise further. Harry and the rest of the lads recently attended a casino in Australia to celebrate them all turning 18, when the paparazzi snapped them. The band were criticize for the amount of money that they spent gambling and were reprimanded by their manager for being irresponsible. The band have since apologized and stated that they felt it was a normal thing to try when they turned 18. However, is this just the beginning for Styles?

Going to the casino isn’t the first bit of rebellion that Styles has shown. He has a tattoo of ’17 Black’ on his collar bone, which is perhaps the most outward display of his rebellious side yet. He’s also been criticize for posting raunchy pictures of himself online and seeing as he is a role model to thousands of other teens, it could be seen as quite irresponsible. His sister has recently come out saying that she wants to follow in his footsteps. With Harry as her role model, let’s hope that she follows in his musical career rather than his reckless actions.

So is there still hope for Styles? There’s no question that handling fame at such as young age is difficult, along with having access to a large sum of money that you’ve earned, it is tempting for any teenager. Visiting a casino with your mates or trying other things which you can’t do until your 18 is perfectly normal, but for someone who is regarded as a role model is it such a good idea to try these experiences publicly? Maybe he will keep his casino antics quite from now on and play somewhere else, so he’s out of the public eye. There is still hope for Harry Styles, however, as the One Direction star has already promised to quit whilst he’s ahead. Let’s hope that his current actions are just those of a rebellious teenager turning into a young adult.