Is ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Set To Eclipse ‘Twilight’ At The Box-Office?

There are probably Amazonian tribes yet to be discovered by man who know the names of Anastacia Steele and Christian Grey, the sadomasochism loving protagonists of EL James’ novel ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ and its sequels.

What they may not know that the book had its origins in ‘Twilight’ fan-fiction, although no doubt many of those who’ve enjoyed both do. Now people are beginning to question where the book’s astonishing popularity could lead to in terms of the film version

The ‘mummy porn’ novel has now smashed Harry Potter’s record as the fastest selling paperback of all time, and is breaking all sorts of records in electronic formats. The question is surely now about how big the movie will be, not if it is a success.

With an adult appeal the movie could be set to overshadow the story in which it had its origins, that of moody vampires Edward and Bella in ‘The Twilight Saga’.

Hollywood’s biggest and most beautiful stars certainly think so, as they are queuing up to take on the roles and even direct the movie. Deadline even reports that it could be directed by Angelina Jolie, although likely screenwriter Brett Easton Ellis has said he would like legendary director David Cronenberg.

The likes of Twilight’s Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansen have been with linked with the role of Anastacia, with Easton Ellis writing on Twitter that he thinks both would be perfect, stating: “Thinking more conventionally for Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey…Scarlett Johansson or Kristen Stewart.”

Mila Kunis topped our readers poll for that particular role, while The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder topping the poll for the part of Christian.

However Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill, Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale and various other Hollywood heavyweights have also been linked, but it seems whoever gets the role will have a certain degree of star power.

The four Twilight films so far have taken $2.5bn, and with one left in the saga that figure should easily surpass $3bn. With three novels to be adapted in the ‘Fifty Shades’ series, each individual movie will have to surpass each ‘Twilight’, but with a more adult appeal and astonishing sales figures that could happen.

The biggest film at the box-office this year, ‘The Avengers’ has taken an estimated $1.4bn, a figure which if matched by ‘Fifty Shades’, would see it easily surpass ‘Twilight’ and overshadow the series that spawned it.

Whether or not this happens will almost certainly depend on the stars involved and the calibre of the screen-writing and director to convert readers into cinema goers.

Fellow pop literature phenomenon ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was widely seen as a disappointment despite big box-office figures due to the failure to turn a story that had drawn in readers into a truly compelling screen adventure. As a result box-office figures for its sequel dropped by almost half.

‘Twilight’, of course made stars and teen idols of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and increased the money it took with its sequels due to a whole new group of fans wanting to see the pair as Edward and Bella on the screen rather than on the page.

There’s a lesson in there for those adapting ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’: With the right stars and a director who turns the EL James novel into something that works on screen, ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ could surpass ‘Twilight’ by building on the novel’s success and convincing a whole new group of fans to watch the sexual shenanigans of Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele.

So if your local Odeon is filling up with Amazonian tribesmen discussing the merits of bondage and sex contracts, or even friends and family you never thought would be interested in the finer points of spanking, then you’ll know that it’s been a success, and could be putting ‘Twilight’ in the shade.

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