Is any ear suitable for wearing earrings?

Any Ear can have an Earring

Men are gradually embracing the new trend of wearing earrings. Nonetheless, contentious issues such as the ear to which an earring is to be worn are common. After all, if guys were to wear two earrings, then the concept of which ear would not be necessary. However, the idea of wearing just one earing cements the heated discussion on the better ear to fit the earring. Wearing an earring is an art, and it, therefore, has no wrong or right. However, some agreeable conceptions seem to take shape as the new trends grow in popularity.

How Men Wear Earrings

The use of an earring will most likely determine the ear, which it will be worn. For any guy with a clear purpose of wearing an earring, it is easy to decide on the right ear to pierce. Here are some of the typical reasons why guys may end up choosing a particular ear over the other one.

Fashion Trend

The need to showcase your fashion has prompted men to do the one thing that will make them stand out in a cloud. Wearing one earring portrays a fashion statement and cannot be ignored by anyone on the lookout. Some guys wearing the earring for trend will choose the right ear because they sleep on their left side. This is a personal choice that must not dictate the ear that any other person favors. Other personal choices that one can take include choosing the shape and texture of the earring from the numerous options listed here. Personal preferences, especially for those who adore fashion, will differ from one person to another.

Status Symbol

Rich guys will wear a diamond earring as a way of saving their assets. When times are hard, they can quickly remove the high-value earring and offer it for some change. Such people may only need one earring, for it will cater to their needs during such difficult times. Also, these people do not necessarily have any sexual orientation that will determine the ear to wear the ornament. Therefore, people who put on one earring can pierce any of the two ears. For such an earring, none of the two ears will be safer than the other. Therefore, for such high-value earrings, the preferred ear will remain the discretion of the guy.

As an Artistic Message of Imbalance

Indeed, wearing one earring is not a widespread practice. One notable indication of this practice is that one appears to bring out an imbalance. Indeed, some guys love to show out the imbalances of life using their earrings. Wearing one earing, on either of the two ears, posits the imbalance of life. Such people that acknowledge the imbalance expresses their desire to bring about a balance, at least in their lives. Therefore, putting one earring on whomever ear expresses a reflection of the imbalances of life. The amenable feeling among people sharing this opinion is that they feel obligated to correct the distortions of life.


Wearing earrings among guys is a new trend that is taking a fast pace. Whether to wear one earring or have two remains the wearers’ discretion. Wearing one ring has created a heated discussion on the right ear to wear. However, there is no clear guide on the right ear to wear. The most that guys have to do is choose their preferred earing by heading at to Icecarats and chose an earring that expresses their hearts and minds.