Iron Man 3 Villain Revealed In New Footage, As Robert Downey Jr. Wows Comic-Con With Iron Man Suit

It seems like only yesterday we were watching Tony Stark kick the villainous Loki’s plans into touch with his fellow Avengers, but already the hype machine is cranking up for Iron Man’s latest outing, as lucky Comic-Con fans got to see a clip of the latest movie, which has only half finished filming.

The clip showed Stark conducting the pieces of various Iron Man suits to the tune of Christmas ditties ‘Jingle Bells’ andDeck The Halls’, before losing  control of his high-tech paraphernalia and causing carnage around him.

Fans also saw Stark’s mansion come under fire from helicopters, while his suits are also destroyed one by one and he finds himself dumped in the ocean.

Guy Pearce – who’s been confirmed as playing a villainous role, was also shown in a suit, hinting at a business based bad guy. However the two biggest moments were a tantalising glimpse of new character ‘The Iron Patriot’, and the reveal of the movie’s ultimate villain the Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley.

The peak at Iron Man’s new nemesis showed a mysterious hooded figure, slowly revealing a mostly bald head, except for a small patch of samurai style hair and ponytail, before revealing Kingsley’s bejewelled hands and bearded face.

Kingsley has long been thought to be playing the dastardly oriental bad guy, but this is the first time fans have seen Iron Man’s latest enemy fully, and all involved have been able to be open about his involvement.

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According to Comic Book Resources, on the film’s progress, director Shane Black revealed: “We’re having fun — we’re halfway done.”

PHOTOS: Robert Downey Jr. wows Comic-Con crowds in Iron Man suit.

 Robert Downey Jr wows the Comic-Con crowds in Iron Man suit. PHOTO: Richie Buxo/SplashNews