INTERVIEW Taylor Lautner Ate ‘Disgusting Meat Patties’ To Build New Moon Muscles

INTERVIEW Taylor Lautner Ate 'Disgusting Meat Patties' To Build New Moon Muscles

Are you used to the fan reaction yet?

Taylor Lautner: “Yeah I guess after Twilight we expect anything, but it’s still a constant surprise to me. I’m always surprised by the fan reactions. Just because none of us expected it when we were filming ‘Twilight’, coming into ‘New Moon’ was a different feeling, but yeah it’s great to know we have that kind of support.”

How was it doing your own stunts in the films?

TL: The stunt work was a lot of fun. I was really glad to have the opportunity to do more physical stuff. I’ve never ridden a dirt bike before, so that was kinda scary at first! I had to go through some training to make the 5 seconds of me on the dirt bike look cool. But there were a lot of sequences and Chris (Weitz, director) was very open to my random ideas!”

You’re a lot bigger in this film, how difficult was it building that muscle?

TL: “Obviously you have to spend a lot of hours in the gym! But the most important thing to me was the eating process. That was actually the most difficult. I mean I had to double or triple my calorie intake per day. Just eating every two hours, disgusting things like meat patties, raw almonds and sweet potatoes. I’m really busy, so it’s hard to get that food into me every two hours. So I carried baggies with the almonds and patties in them (laughs). It was just the only way to do it!”

You’re a big fan of martial arts, is that still your main hobby?

TL: “It used to be, I haven’t done it in a long time. I would definitely be rusty. I do like playing football, and just spending time with family and friends.”

If you could have auditioned for any other role apart from yours, what would it have been?

TL: “Is Bella an option? I would love to get inside Bella’s mind, there’s a lot of weird things going on!”