INTERVIEW: Noel Clarke Talks Adulthood

Noel Clarke is perhaps best known as Mickey, Billie Piper’s long-suffering boyfriend from the first two series of Dr Who. However, Clarke also has had an impressive acting career outside of the Tardis, appearing in TV drama West 10 LDN, and of course his breakthrough movie role in the critically acclaimed Kidulthood, which he also wrote. EW caught up with Clarke at the London premiere of its sequel, Adulthood, where he appears as writer, director and star.

EW: What’s it like being at the premiere of a film you directed?

Noel Clarke: It’s nice, it’s very nice!! It’s good to see all these people turn up. There’s a lot of people here who may not know the film, they just wanna turn up and get some photographs, but that happens. Overall, though, it’s very nice. Can’t complain!

EW: What made you choose to direct Adulthood?

NC: It’s was the film company’s idea. The film company, Pathe, and the film council wanted a director, because the last director Menhaj Huda was doing something called West 10 LDN, which I also wrote. So they decided to pick me.

EW: It’s unusual for a British film to get a sequel, do you think this shows progression in the industry in this country? Are more British films getting a chance at a wider release?

NC: It’s very unusual! I think this marks an improvement in audience participation, through young people. The reason the second one got made was because they responded so well to the first one that it couldn’t be ignored. And it actually showed for once that young people have a voice, and a positive voice. Because this is something very creative, that the same people who are getting demonised (by the press) have caused by being creative, positive, sending their music in for the soundtrack.

EW: So it’s a film your audience made?

NC: Of course, the audience caused it!

EW: What’s next up for you?  

NC: I’m filming a film with Jim Sturgess (star of 21) at the moment called Heartless, and I have a few other projects that I’ve written but they’re a bit secretive at the moment.

Adulthood is out on the 20th June.