INTERVIEW: Anna Todd Talks ‘After’ The Movie, Amazing Fans And What Harry Styles Thinks About Novel’s Success

Anna Todd’s first After novel is FINALLY out tomorrow and ahead of the release and after the super exciting news broke at the end of last week that the fanfic is going to be made into an actual movie, EntertainmentWise caught up with the 25-year-old author to find out what life has been like since she shot to fame. Check out the full interview below…enjoy!

First of all – a massive congratulations – After is going to be made into a movie! How are you feeling about it all?

Thank you so much! You guys have always been so good to me! I’m still reeling from the news, it’s so exciting and I’m so happy!

How did it all come about?

Earlier this year Wattpad introduced me to UTA. Since then, they’ve been talking to people about turning my story into a movie. And now it’s finally happened!

Who was the one that broke the news to you? How did you react?

Candice from Wattpad broke the news to me and I just sat there and stared at the wall, internally screaming in excitement!

After is released on October 21 (Packshot)

Have you had to keep it a secret for long?

Yes! I’m so used to telling my readers everything and when I have to keep things from them it feels even longer!

The books/movie have already been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight – what are your thoughts on this? Do you see any comparisons?

I am honored to even be compared to these books. I love Fifty Shades and Twilight both. Reading Fifty Shades changed my reading life and I can definitely see where the comparisons can be made.

If you could pick anyone to play Tessa and Hardin, who would it be?

Indiana Evans for Tessa, she was who I pictured the entire time while writing the character. For Hardin, I would choose Douglas Booth or Harry Styles (obviously)

Will the four books be merged into one movie? Or do you not know yet?

I’m not sure yet!

You said that you’ve been in L.A celebrating – was it a crazy party?

It was a nice dinner. I had a great time, I’m not much of a partier but it was a great dinner and everyone was so excited and happy to be celebrating the news!

Novel started off as a Harry Styles fanfic and has now been successful globally! (Twitter)

Does Harry Styles know that there’s going to be a movie pretty much based on his life?

I have no idea if Harry knows, but Hardin Scott is only based on Harry’s looks and name. The two could not be more opposite when it comes to personality!

Have you met the 1D boys yet?

Not yet!

Who is the most famous person you’ve met so far?

Hmm.. well Larry King was at Social Media Week with me. I didn’t talk to him personally but we were close enough that I count it!.

You seem to always be on Twitter, your following is absolutely amazing! Do you ever sleep?

Not really! So many people spend their time trying to talk to me, I would rather spend my time returning the favor!

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?

I love how passionate my readers are, so many of them have made me awesome things, but one of the craziest would have to be when one of them drew a picture of us together with all my the tweets I’ve sent her written on the paper. It was crazy in the best way and she is very talented.

If you could tell your army of fans one thing, what would it be?

To always stay positive and focus on your dreams. I hope they never give up on themselves and I want the best for all of them.

Your life has changed so much in the past year – what do your friends and family think of your new found fame?

Some of them still have no idea! The ones who do are so happy for me and some I think still don’t believe it!

Did you ever think that After would be so successful?

Not at all. I remember seeing stories on Wattpad with five million reads, and thinking “that must be incredible.”