‘I’m Very Protective Of My Friends’: Angelina Jolie’s Ex-Husband Jonny Lee Miller Admits To Still Being ‘Defensive Of The Actress’

Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller has admitted that he still feels very protective of the actress whenever he’s asked questions about her during interviews, despite splitting from her seventeen years ago.

Angelina and Jonny married in 1996 as the actor played Sick Boy in Danny Boyle’s award-winning Trainspotting alongside Ewan MacGregor, before splitting 18 months later. However, the exes have managed to stay good friends despite both re-marrying, giving the 40-year-old cause to be protective over her.

“You would not believe the questions I get asked about Angelina”, Jonny admitted irritably. “I get why people are interested, but you’ve just got to shut them down. It’s not that it’s irritating, but she is a friend of mine and I’m very protective of my friends”.

When asked how he and Angelina managed to separate with relatively little drama, Jonny then insisted: “The key to an amicable divorce is friendship”.

Jonny and Ange have remained BFFs since splitting (MTI/WENN)

And it seems that the Elementary star believes that laughter is also an essential characteristic of friendship, as he admits that a brilliant aspect of working with Lucy Lui in Sherlock Holmes series Elementary is her humour.

“She always brings a great sense of humour”, he told Emmy magazine. “We do try to see a funny side of everything. Otherwise we’ll be freakin’ miserable”.

“If you’re going to spend a lot of time with someone, you really need to be able to get on with them. It’s nice because we have a very similar sense of humour. Still, you usually have to explain jokes to her about three or four times,” he added.