‘I’m Thinking I’m Back’: John Wick Signals Blockbuster Return For Hit And Miss Keanu Reeves

There’s a line in the trailer for John Wick which sees Keanu Reeves declare in his trademark gruff monotone: “People keep asking if I’m back, yeah I’m thinking I’m back.” It’s corny, but for Keanu fans it can’t help send a shiver down spines, especially as John Wick has lived up to that trailer promise, smashing box office expectations over the weekend.

Okay, it’s hardly record breaking numbers, but the revenge thriller did exceed the predicted $7-8 million dollars, doubling that figure with actual takings of $14.1 million across 2,589 locations. The action flick proved particularly popular in Imax cinemas which accounted for $2.5 million, or 18% of sales.

Just a few days after Keanu admitted that the big studio offers have dried up and “it sucks” in a refreshingly honest interview with IndieWire, is John Wick the comeback Keanu has been hoping for? Let’s delve into his back catalogue to unearth the hits and misses…