‘I’m Immensely Proud Of Angie’: Brad Pitt Talks Potential Oscar Battle Between Unbroken & Fury


It could be a family affair at the Oscars 2015 for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as both their movies Fury and Unbroken, are hotly tipped to score a few nominations come award season. But when asked if this was going to be awkward for the couple, Brad insisted it actually makes it better to be up against people he knows.

The couple previously agreed that they wouldn’t work at the same time, but broke this when Brad last year worked on World War II tank drama ‘Fury’ in the UK and Ang headed to Australia to film her next directorial project.

So what happens if their movies are competing for gongs, come award season? Brad apparently told Hello magazine, he was totally fine with it. He said: “I often end up with movies competing with my friends’ movies and I always feel that it’s great when we all make it there. I am immensely proud of Angie, she’s made an incredible movie, which is a big story about the triumph of the human spirit – we’re certainly not pitted against each other and I hope Unbroken gets all the recognition it deserves.”

Brad would never compete with his wife (FameFlynetUK)

One moive they’ll definitely be on the same side for is Under The Sea, in which they’ll reunite on the big screen for the first time since Mr & Mrs Smith. Brad revealed that we’ll see a new side of him as well, he’s going to be speaking in French.

Pitt explained: “The film’s set in France so it makes sense for me to speak it. And I think my French is pretty good, so my writer/director put a lot of the language into the script and we’ll see how I do. My writer/director is tough as nails, as you know.” The couple have a chateau in the country, where they tied the knot in the Summer and Ang’s mother was French, so it makes sense that he’s learnt the language.

Opening up about married life, Brad admitted he did feel different now they’ve taken that step, even though they already felt very much committed to one another.

“We have six kids already so we felt so beyond that [marriage] for a long time. But the kids were asking and so we thought it would be a lovely thing to do, for them and for us as a family, and it was all of that. But I was surprised afterwards at the effect that getting married has had on us – it was more than just a ceremony, it meant a real depth of commitment. I feel like a married man – I really do,” he explained.