‘If I Lose My Butt And Hips You’re Otta Here!’ Amber Riley Warns Her Dancing With The Stars Partner Derek Hough

Dancing With the Stars hopeful Amber Riley may be scoring well with the judges on the hit US show, but the Glee actress is keen to point out that not everyone has been so complimentary as she hits back at her critics.

Amber is still dancing strong on the show with her pro partner Derek Hough, and she isn’t going to let any negativity stop her from lifting that Glitterball trophy:

“There were a couple [comments], like, ‘She danced well — for her size.’ I don’t want people to think that! I just want to dance well,” Amber rants to In Touch.

Admitting that she’s had her dark periods when she was younger,  when she used to take comments to heart, Amber adds of her curves:

“You go through your insecurities when you’re younger. But the older I got, I just started to like who I was. People should just love themselves. I don’t think it should be an anomaly for a person my size to be able to dance or have confidence. Everybody should have confidence…. We deserve it.”

Amber Riley is still going strong on Dancing With The Stars (WENN)

Luckily the actress has the support of her Glee castmates to counteract any criticism, revealing that the likes of Lea Michele and co “call and text me”, adding, “It’s so encouraging when they’re like, ‘Those scores were BS!’”

She also takes the time to praise DWTS veteran Derek, but whilst the blonde pro may have helped get rid of her dance nerves, there’s a couple of things Amber is reluctant to lose:

“Derek gives me a lot of confidence! I keep telling Derek, ‘If I lose my butt and my hips, you’re outta here!’”