Ian Somerhalder Reveals He Wants Nina Dobrev’s TVD Character To Live In Harmony With Damon

Season five of The Vampire Diaries left us wondering about the future of Ian Somerhalder’s character Damon, after he failed to make it back from The Other Side.

But Ian has given fans a glimmer of hope by revealing that he would like to see Damon, Elena and Stefan to live in harmony in the new season.

Ian wants everyone to live in harmony (ITV Pictures)

According to Entertainment Weekly Ian talked about returning in season six: “Damon, Stefan, and Elena, they’re all extraordinarily different people, but hopefully, what happens is that in some crazy, cohesive way, they all get to live their lives in a very harmonious way.

“The problem is, it’s Mystic Falls, and harmony does not work within this spectrum, so it’s probably going to be more jagged and somewhat abrasive. There’ll be bits and pieces layered in there that are going to be pretty and soft, but ultimately, if you’re happy in Mystic Falls, there’s no drama, and if there’s no drama, there’s no show.”

Meanwhile, Nina revealed that she would like to see Elena get everything she wants in the new season of the show:

“She’s really blossomed into this strong woman since the show began, so I’m excited to see her hopefully have a departure and a closure from this world.

“Hopefully that means she’ll get everything she ever wanted, which was really just a family, and stability, and love, and her friends, and everyone’s safety.”