Ian Somerhalder Continues To Have Fun In London As Filming For The Anomaly Draws To An End

Ian Somerhalder appeares to be having a lot of fun in London! Having wrapped up filming for The Vampire Diaries last month, Ian made his way to London to begin filming for his new movie, The Anomaly.

And it appears that whilst Ian has been hard at work getting into the character of Harkin, he has also been having some fun as well after appearing to get on really well with director and actor Noel Clarke.

Posting a picture of the pair hugging it out, The Anomaly’s Twitter page posted the caption:

“Thanks for the support. #WhatIsTheAnomaly @NoelClarke and @iansomerhalder on set.”

Off set, fans have been able to see Ian and Noel take a break when Ian documented their trip to a sushi restaurant. Posting an image of himself holding a card which reads: “Soy happy together” with Noel, Ian tweeted the caption:

“Soy happy together… Me and @noelclarke hugging it out on the set of The Anomaly.”

Meanwhile, whilst Ian and Nina’s romance might be over, The Vampire Diaries co-creator Julie Plec has teased that Nina and Ian’s characters will “try to make it work” in spoilers for the upcoming fifth series

According to  TV Guide, Julie explained that Damon’s and Elena will “try” to make their relationship “work”. However, it won’t be a walk in the park for the couple as there’s a “villain in the midst they don’t know is a villain at the beginning.”