Ian Somerhalder Confirms Damon’s Death On The Vampire Diaries?

Could we be about to see the demise of one of The Vampire Diaries’ most loved characters? We think so after Ian Somerhalder revealed that the end of his character Damon could be nigh.

The actor who plays the role of the brooding vampire so well, joked to E! News: “When Damon dies, it is the dopest scene.”

Surely Damon won’t be dying soon?

Explaining that Nina Dobrev’s character will be involved in the scene, Ian who dated Nina before splitting up last year, added:

“The ending, I think, is really gonna throw people. It definitely involves Damon in a very cool way. There is some very very cool stuff with Damon, Elena, Bonnie…stuff you just didn’t see…It is definitely a cliffhanger.”

Damon can’t die, he just can’t! (ITV Pictures)


Meanwhile, the Vampire Diaries’ executive producer Caroline Dries recently revealed that Ian had threatened to quit the show.

Last week’s saw Enzo make an appearance and accuse Stefan (Paul Wesley) of killing his beloved. However, Enzo soon found out that Stefan wasn’t the culprit, it was Damon. Having found out the truth, viewers saw Enzo switch off his humanity.

Speaking about the storyline and how Enzo wasn’t killed. Caroline recalled a conversation she had with Ian about it, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “Ian pulled me aside one day and he goes, ‘If you kill Enzo, I’m going to quit’.

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“We purposefully had him show up at the end as a ghost to imply that his story isn’t over. He is going to become a ghost villain moving forward. We’ll see him all the way through to the finale as the bad guy.”