‘I Think Kate Middleton Is Pregnant’: Tory MP Blasted For ‘Unhelpful’ Claim

Conservative MP Claire Perry has come under fire for claiming Kate Middleton is pregnant… and saying a royal baby would be good for Britain’s economy.

Speaking at a debate at the Duchess’ former school, the Malborough College, she had said: “I think Kate Middleton is pregnant – and that would be good for the economy.”

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Royal historian Hugo Vickers said the incident was typical of the outspoken “loose cannon”.

Speculating that she was “trying to make a bit of a name for herself”, he continued: “It’s quite clearly none of her business to make remarks of that kind, and presumably it is not very helpful either.

“She seems to be a bit of a loose cannon, and this is probably more loose cannon fire from Mrs Perry.”

Royal observer Ingrid Stewart also chimed in, saying: “It’s very unhelpful for her to say that. She would have no insider knowledge.

“It will be the best-kept secret of all time. There is no way they would want people to know before it was appropriate.”

She continued: “Historically there has always been speculation about this sort of thing, and of course you cannot stop people saying what they want.

“I should think the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are probably pretty used to it but also pretty fed up with it.”

Prince William said on American TV earlier this year: “It is quite strange reading about [pregnancy rumours], but I try not to let it bother me.”