‘I Slept With Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Was There Too’: French Reality TV Star Makes Shocking Claims

What exactly is going on with Chris Brown, his former flame Karrueche Tran and rumoured lover Rihanna? Both ladies were in Paris recently with the star on his ‘Carpe Diem’ tour, but according to a French reality TV star Ayem Nour reckons the ‘Yeah X3’ star is footloose and fancy free as she claims to have slept with him while he was in France.

Brown’s relationships with Tran and Rihanna have caused a slew of rumours and speculation for the last few months and while it has been claimed Tran is back with the singer, according to Ayem, the model was perfectly happy with her hooking up with the star and was even at the same party with Brown and her began to get close.

In an interview with French mag Oops, the brunette, who claims to have met Brown on the set of his video for single ‘Celebration’  earlier this year, said: “I slept with Chris Brown!”

The model claims she and a friend were invited along to the 22 year-old’s hotel room: “When we entered the room, there were a lot of people. […] It was very festive. There was alcohol, music … and a bit of grass.”

The star stated that Karrueche Tran was there but had no problem with them hooking up with Ayem describing them as being “rather open” she added: “[Karrueche] has never interfered in the relationship between Chris and me.”

But what about Rihanna?

According to Ayem she found it “flattering” to be put in the same league.

“It’s beautiful and flattering,” she claimed. “I do not ask for much. Some will criticise me, but I put any girl in challenge to say no to Chris Brown. ”

We really don’t know what Brown is up to! But what’s for sure is he’s not short of female admirers!