‘I Never Do Anything For Publicity’: Kanye West Denies Using Jesus Lookalike To Cause Controversy

The ‘Black Skinhead’ rapper insists everything happens by coincidence

Kanye West may be engaged to the biggest socialite in the world but that doesn’t mean the rapper purposely tries to attract attention as he has refuted speculation that his recent bizarre antics have all be massive publicity stunts, claiming he doesn’t “do anything for the sake of controversy.”

The ‘New Slaves’ hitmaker has raised eyebrows in recent weeks following his Radio 1 interview with Zane Lowe and bitter Twitter beef with Jimmy Kimmel while he most recently confused fans at a show on his ‘Yeezus’ tour last week when he rapped on stage alongside a Jesus Christ lookalike, and while it may all seem likes cries for attention, Kanye claims it’s all a work of art.

Kanye West insists he’s not an attention seeker (WENN)

Speaking to San Francisco radio station 99.7 NOW, Kanye explained: “I don’t do anything for the sake of controversy. I don’t do anything for the sake of publicity. A lot of times people look at celebrities like a video game character or an avatar.”

He added: “My joystick is all the way out the plug [sic]. You ain’t controlling this avatar in any way. There’s only one person that walks this earth, or one level of greatness that can control me, and that’s God.”

Kanye, 36, was forced to explain why he brought out a Jesus lookalike on stage during his show in Seattle last weekend after being mocked by fans and he even admitted fiancee Kim Kardashian, who he proposed to on Monday, wasn’t so keen on the idea.

“I had a friend of mine who’s a pastor there as we started discussing how we want to deliver it,” Kanye told San Francisco’s 94.9’s The JV Show. Revealing that Kim questioned the religious connotation, Kanye continued: “My girl even asked afterwards, ‘Hmm, is that weird if Jesus comes on stage?’ No, we do plays all the time. People play Jesus. You know what’s awesome about Christianity is we’re allowed to portray God?”

He continued: “We’re allowed to draw images of him, we’re allowed to make movies about him. Other religions you’re not allowed to do that. That’s what’s really awesome about Christianity. That’s one of the awesome things.”

Kanye postponed his Yeezus tour on Saturday citing “unforeseen circumstances” and the jaunt will resume on Halloween night (October 31).