Hugh Grant Nearly Lost Out On Four Weddings And A Funeral Role For Being ‘Too Handsome’

Hugh Grant’s career sky rocketed after he starred as the bumbling but charming Charles in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but as the original British romcom celebrates its 20th anniversary it’s been revealed that the actor almost lost out on the part.

Two decades on from the film which saw Hugh star opposite Andie MacDowell alongside a host of British supporting talent, Richard Curtis has spoken out on the struggle to get his movie made.

In an interview on today’s Reunion programme on BBC Radio 4, Curtis – who wrote the screenplay – reveals that he was sure Hugh was completely wrong for the part because of his handsome looks.

Hugh Grant starred with Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral (WENN)

“I was worried about it. When Hugh did first come in, I did think he was too handsome. I thought people would not believe the fact he was in trouble with girls because he so clearly wouldn’t be. So that’s why he pushed the sort of doubtfulness and lack of confidence”.

“He was by far the best person who auditioned but I still voted against him when it came down to the vote between two people.”

At 33 Grant was a relative unknown, but the film’s producer Duncan Kenworthy managed to persuade Curtis that he was the only man for the part, and luckily he got his way. Things got tricky again though as Kenworthy recalls that Hugh and his agent asked for an additional £5,000 from the already tight budget.

“We couldn’t afford much at all. So the “friends” got £17,500 each and Hugh got £35,000. I remember Michael Foster, Hugh’s agent, saying, ‘OK, we understand. £40,000 and he is yours.’ ”

“I said, ‘Sorry, you just don’t understand. It’s £35,000 and if you don’t accept that then obviously we lose him.’?”

The movie went on to gross nearly $250 million worldwide while Hugh’s celebrity status was cemented when his then girlfriend Liz Hurley turned up to the Los Angeles premiere in THAT Versace safety pin dress.