How Will Sons Of Anarchy End? Charlie Hunnam Spotted Wielding A Gun As He Films ‘Final Scenes’ For The Last Ever Episode

With the final ever season of Sons Of Anarchy well underway on TV screens across the US, it has been reported that filming for the hit drama is now coming to an end. But the drama won’t be ending on a good note it seems after Charlie Hunnam was seen wielding a gun as he filmed some scenes.

The seventh and final season of the drama has been full of twists, turns and a good helping of turmoil. From Juice getting in trouble with Jax about giving out secrets of the club in return for a safe escape into Mexico to Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) ongoing vendetta to track down the killer of his wife Tara, there hasn’t been time for fans to catch their breath. However, there is a lot more to come as actress Kim Coates recently teased to HollywoodLife: “I don’t know if Gemma’s going to come forward or not, but right now, we’re just filled with so many lies. It’s very hard to come to work everyday; it’s just so dark! It’s so thick with lies right now. It’s so thick with secrets. I don’t know how they’re going to end this, with the hell that we’re all in. I don’t think anyone knows but [Kurt Sutter]. I mean, how are we all not in jail?!”

And he wasn’t kidding as Charlie, who plays the role of Jax, was seen filming scenes with a gun in his hand after going undercover using a dark green blanket. Dressed in full Sons Of Anarchy attire, Charlie could be seen pointing a gun towards the right with a serious look on his face. But who is he shooting at? The latest episode saw Jax searching out the rat who informed the Triad that he was trying to go against them. However, amid all the violence, Jax appeared to show a softer side when he set about finding Bobby before August Marks.

With the cast and crew keeping their cards very close to their chests about how the show will come to an end, Charlie did recently tease the reaction that Jax might have when he finds out that his mum is the one who killed his wife. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor said: “Anyone else in the world, 100 percent guaranteed he’s gonna murder them in slow and brutal fashion, but it’s his mother, you know. It’s gonna be complicated. I don’t envy Kurt [Sutter] in trying to figure out the right way to approach that.”

Katey Sagal who plays the role of Jax’s mum Gemma admitted that she wouldn’t be surprised if her character’s outcome was death. Referring to a poll by Entertainment Weekly that revealed that the majority of viewers wanted to see Gemma killed, the actress said: “I kind of agree with them. That seems like a correct assumption. I mean, it’s pretty heinous where she is now. Even though she didn’t mean it.”