How to choose a series that will match your mood perfectly?

Watching streaming TV series or movies is part of our daily or weekly routine lately. Switching on the platform is just a matter of a click. However, starting a new series is a different story altogether. Some recent surveys reveal that a usual subscriber looking for a new series to watch on a TV streaming network spends, on average, around 20 minutes just searching for a suitable series.  

What makes a good series, right? It depends on many factors. It can be the topic long sought for or the length of the series compared to the available time, or it can just be the mood you are in at the search. 

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TV streaming platforms have a very advanced search function that allows you to browse based on several criteria: genre, topic, national top, the latest releases, type of video material (serial, film, documentary), name of an actor and many others. The personal account also allows saving titles for later. 

Each series or film presented in the lists has a short description and other essential identification details, like release year, recommended viewing age and main actors playing. A very short trial featuring a compilation of the most relevant moments in the film is available to view before actually starting the series or saving it to watch later.

Once you have a history of video materials watched, the platform can evaluate your profile, looking into lists selected previously and coming up with new suggestions. An intelligent feature incorporated in the software used to track down the subscriber’s profile is that of suggesting similar series to the ones already watched. If you want to test the performance of this intelligent automated feature, you can go ahead and select one title from the list called Selected for you. Alternatively, if you are into a random selection, you can hit the shuffle button called Surprise me and get lucky with the automatic selection offered.

Selecting a new series to watch is the most straightforward task to perform for frequent viewers. You have a waiting list of titles or new updated episodes to your older series. There might also be some bucket lists of titles to view this year, or you can aim to see all the updates as they are launched. Sort your way through the variety of options. 

If you are a user of Netflix and still not sure what to watch this year, we would like to suggest a shortlist of titles that can suit any mood.

The Lincoln Lawyer

A sophisticated legal drama featuring a criminal defence attorney who runs his job from the car. A novel adaptation and an unpredictable story.

The Heartstopper

A queer story that is cosy, warm and romantic, with two teens sharing a special relationship. 

Firefly Lane

Another book adaptation of a small-town drama happening around the life of two friends who have been connected since they were 14 years old.

Vikings: Valhalla

If you are passionate about history and want to understand the origins of the Nordic cultures, this series is getting its roots from the old Viking stories. In the same style, you might consider watching the previous Netflix series, Vikings, and get a taste of the adventures of the pagan populations that sailed across the oceans for the first time.

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window

If you are into a dark comedy series that doesn’t take things so seriously, you might enjoy Kristen Bell’s performance in this recent series.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Inspired by the book with the same title, this series is an enjoyable and fresh story of the daily experiences of several young ladies living life in a small town. 


A must-see series depicting the struggles of a single divorced mother leaving behind the difficulties of an abusive relationship. It is both inspiring and heart-warming to watch. 

Dead to Me

Spontaneous, funny, dark at times, charming and sharp is this comedy series starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. 

Downton Abbey

A magical, timeless story set in a fictional British countryside at the beginning of the century.

The Queen’s Gambit

An exceptional series about a chess prodigy orphan searching for joy in life.   


One of the most popular series offered by Netflix, a story of family survival filled with thrills, twists and solid performances. 

By now, you should already have made a shortlist of at least three titles to watch next on your streaming TV account. Enjoy your selection and help other viewers and subscribers with your feedback.