How Much Would It Cost To Hire Justin Bieber, Rihanna For A Private Party?

Justin Bieber, Adele and Ellie Goulding are some of the world’s biggest pop stars and while they rake in the big bucks from performing to thousands on world tours, that’s not the only way they can earn their millions as they often perform at private parties for multi-millionaires in foreign lands. But exactly how much do they get paid for the privilege?

Hardly a huge surprise, but ‘Confident’ singer Justin appears to be among the top earners in the industry, raking in a reported $1,000,000 according to Degy Entertainment who has released a list of the amount some of pop’s most famous artists can expect to pocket.

Would Justin Bieber charge around $1 million to perform at a wedding or birthday party? (WENN)

Joining Justin at the top are Madonna and Justin Timberlake while the likes of Katy Perry can command around $500,000.

‘Someone Like You’ singer Adele is likely to earn around $750,000 while Coldplay would also earn near enough the same amount.

Rihanna isn’t too far behind with a reported $500,000 in her Chanel purse for a private performance while Nicki Minaj could rake in $250,000.

Will you be booking Bieber for a birthday party soon? Check out the full list below…

Justin Bieber – $1,000,000

Coldplay – $750,000

Adele – $750,000

Rihanna – $500,000

Katy Perry – $500,000

Drake – $300,000

Nicki Minaj – $200,000

Susan Boyle – $150,000

Usher – $150,000

Calvin Harris – $150,000

Robin Thicke – $150,000

Ed Sheeran – $125,000

Ellie Goulding – $100,000

Snoop Dogg – $75,000

Ne-Yo – $75,000

Kelly Rowland – $50,000

Olly Murs – $40,000

Cher Lloyd – $30,000

Coolio – $20,000