How Is the Battle Between Rival Streaming Sites Hotting Up?

Source: Pixabay

It has long been established that streaming services are the way forwards and that most of our entertainment engagement will come from these platforms. Slowly, channels and organizations – from Disney + to HBO Now –have sprung up to demand loyalty in exchange for their back catalog and new commissions. But with niche streaming services for reality TV, for horror, or for documentaries vying against those which offer a healthy mix, has the battle for our streaming loyalty become over-saturated?


Netflix deserves the credit for completely transforming how we watch television and film. When it comes to the battle between streaming services, they provide a starting point for beginners and a habit for those who are more experienced in this way of engaging with content. But, despite Netflix being synonymous with watching content online via a streaming service, there are some issues. It’s not only the fact that long binges result in Netflix cheekily asking if you’re still there, there are also discrepancies between content. Those with a Netflix membership in the UK may feel cheated out on shows such as The Office, Parks and Recreations, and 30 Rock which are only available on Netflix in the US. But there is a solution to this small problem that Netflix is perceived to have. A VPN could allow UK-based users the chance to watch US Netflix through a Trustworthy free vpn plan, and vice versa. Indeed, Netflix US has 4,052 movies compared to the UK’s 3,616, and 1,538 shows compared to the UK’s 1,436. This disparity is changing and the UK is catching up to its stateside neighbor.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s main benefit is that the streaming platform comes free with a Prime membership. For those who might have this anyway, it’s a content platform for nothing. Despite lacking shows that other platforms have, Amazon Prime Video has made sure it carries the highest-class titles. From The Handmaid’s Tale and Succession – two of the most talked-about shows in recent years – to Emmy-winning Fleabag and classics such as Frasier. Amazon Prime Video are able to pump a lot of money into creating original content, which has worked out in the past with such titles as The Man in the High Castle, Bosch, and The Grand Tour. A critique of Amazon Prime’s original content would be the fact that series don’t last very long, so a lot of their content is repurposed from elsewhere. However, a lot of the shows commissioned by Prime Video are top-class high-end TV and therefore are more likely to suck in viewers. The trick with streaming sites is to create more one-off series that scoop up potential customers, rather than milk existing ones that would only appeal to those who have already signed up and are already invested in the show.

In the battle of streaming services, we are at the stage where every opponent has made their case. Netflix might be ruling the airwaves, so to speak, but the direction that streaming content is taking could see people flock to other sites, especially those which offer a unique selection of content.