How do you promote a movie?

Making a movie is very expensive and moviemakers need to get that money back. One way they do this is by selling tickets in theaters and by selling the movies to streaming sites. To make sure that the audience goes to this particular movie, the movie has to be promoted. Promoting can be done both online and offline and both are done a lot. Online, for example, advertisements and trailers of movies can be seen. Furthermore, many advertisements are bought online in order to show a trailer or a small piece of the movie on various sites. You can also promote a movie offline, which is becoming increasingly rare in the digital age we live in, but can be very effective and distinctive. Precisely because it is becoming less common offline promotion can ensure that your movie stands out to the public.

The big question then is: “how do you promote a movie offline?”. Below are some examples of how you can promote a movie out-of-the-box and offline.

Offline stickers

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes and you can stick them almost anywhere. Stickers allow you to easily reach a large target group. You can print the title of the movie, a character from the movie or a catchphrase on these stickers. This ensures that people see the stickers and start thinking about what the movie is about and become interested in it. Then once the movie comes out they are going to want to see it. You can be very original with stickers because there are many different options. Many sites offer stickers, but the lowest prices often come from the site The stickers from Drukbedrijf (translation: stickers van Drukbedrijf) come in many different sizes and shapes, making them very suitable for this idea.

Handing out

You might think that business cards are only used to hand out at important conversations, but business cards are ideal for printing other text on as well. The distinguishing feature of having business cards printed (translation: visitekaartjes laten drukken) is that you can have the cards made with various special finishes. For example, you can put the name of the movie with foil stamp hologram on one side and on the other side of the card you can put the information about when the movie is released. Business cards are so suitable because you can order them in large numbers and hand them out easily. In addition, you take advantage of the fact that the public likes to hold something physically.

With these tips you can make sure that you promote your movie properly, both online and offline!