‘He’s Beautiful’: Amelia Lily Admits She’s Obsessed With Robert Pattinson

She’s probably met her fair share of celebrities, but no one has impressed Amelia Lily quite as much as Robert Pattinson.

The 18-year-old singer has admitted that she ‘couldn’t stop staring at him’ when she came face-to-face with him at the ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part Two’ premiere in London last year.

When asked by OK! magazine who her dream date would be, Amelia replied: “Robert Pattinson. At the ‘Twilight’ premiere he was inches away from me.


Amelia Lily has admitted that she has a crush on Robert Pattinson (WENN)

“I was getting interviewed and all these journalists were laughing at me because I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was getting interviewed and I didn’t want to distract him, but he was beautiful.”

The former X Factor star also went on to say that she would ‘faint’ if she met Ashton Kutcher, but confirmed that someone she’s not interested in is Harry Styles.

Robert Pattinson was standing just inches away from Amelia Lily at the last Twilight film premiere (WENN)

Speaking about the One Direction star’s recent romance with Taylor Swift, Amelia said: “Have they broken up? Were they even together? It’s got nothing to do with me. It’s not my business.

“I could not tell you what went on. But Harry Styles, I’m not really a fan. He’s a friend, I really get on with him but not in that respect.”