Henry Cavill To Replace Daniel Craig As James Bond?

Daniel Craig better watch out as Henry Cavill has revealed that he wants to take on the role of James Bond.

The 29-year-old, who has been linked to the role of Christian Grey in the saucy movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey, is looking for a more iconic role it seems, and views the 007 character as a challenge.

Cavill is set to promote his new movie Man of Steel, in which he stars as Clark Kent in the latest adaptation of the Superman franchise.

Henry Cavill stars as Superman – is it a chainmail suit? He has no idea (Warner Bros.)

Talking to Empire magazine about taking on the role of Bond, he said: “What a wonderful challenge to follow up Daniel Craig. He has set the bar so high.”

During the interview, Cavill revealed that he had once auditioned for Superman: Flyby in the early noughties, a movie that eventually got canned. He admits that he feels more prepared for the superhero role now.

“I’ve just got more experience as an actor and a human being,” he said.

Man of Steel, which will hit cinemas on June 14, will show Clark Kent facing his secret alien heritage when planet Earth is invaded by his true race.

While taking on the role of Superman and the iconic blue suit is a childhood dream for many boys, it was no small feat for Cavill, who packed on 20lbs to play the role. But of that blue suit – what was it made of? Apparently he has no idea.

“I don’t know what kind of material it is. It’s a very compressed, sort of elastic-y type of material.”

Well, that’s descriptive.