Henry Cavill Recalls Being ‘Bullied’ At School With Overweight Taunts

Not many people can compare their life to a superhero movie, but Henry Cavill is one of those that can. The actor has revealed his childhood was a similar experience to that of Clark Kent’s and being called “fat” at school didn’t bother him too much.

Cavill has revealed that at the age of 17, he gained confidence and power, which is also portrayed through the character of Clark Kent. Talking to The Telegraph, Henry said: “As an actor I spent from the age of 17 travelling the world trying to find work and to find out if I was even right for this kind of job.

“So trying to find my space in this industry was very much the same kind of thing that Clark Kent experienced. Over time we become more comfortable in our own skin and so we discover more about ourselves.”

At school, kids use to bully an overweight Henry and his nickname use to be Fat Cavill. Henry admitted it hurt being bullied and being called bad names, but he revealed he looks back on it and shrugs. He said: “Kids are kids and they will always be mean.

“I don’t bear a grudge against those guys at all. It brought me a different perspective which I am thankful for.”

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Henry Cavill was bullied of his weight at school (WENN)

Cavill is yet to become a household name, but that’s set to change on Friday (14th June) evening when ‘Man of Steel’ is released. His previous work involves roles in Inspector Lynley and Midsomer Murders before being involved in the sex-soaked period television drama The Tudors. In 2011, he had his first leading role in The Immortals as Theseus in ancient Greece.

Henry recalls the encounter he had with Russell Crowe when he was still at school. He said: “He was there filming Proof of Life and it was in between setups and Russell was standing there with this big semi-circle of people just staring at him.

“So I went up and said, “Hi, my name is Henry” and I shook his hands and asked him some questions about acting. He said, “Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not so great, but they pay you well.’”

Cavill received a package from Crowe which contained a rugby jersey, a CD of the actor’s band as well as Australian snacks. In addition, he sent Henry a thoughtful signed note saying: “Dear Henry, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Years later, the pair were working out in the same gym together preparing for Man of Steel and he reminded Crowe of their meeting, telling him, “I was the fat one who didn’t ask for your autograph.” Crowe remembered him.

‘Man of Steel’ will be released in cinemas on Friday 14th June.