Hell On Wheels! Justin Bieber Tries To Show Off His Skateboarding Skills At Venice Beach

Justin Bieber was enjoying some good, clean fun—for once!—on Tuesday as he and his friends took the Venice Beach boardwalk by storm on their skateboards. The Baby singer not only rolled through the infamous California boardwalk, but also tried to show off some tricks at the boardwalk’s skate park, and later did a slam dunk during a game of basketball.

Justin’s sports-playing spree happened when the singer took a break from filming a video project with David Hasselhoff earlier that day. Justin will reportedly star alongside David in Killing Hasselhoff, a comedy film that will center on a man trying to kill David in order to win a celebrity death pool. It is not yet known if Justin, like David, will play himself in the film.

Venice Beach, which is about 12 miles from the heart of Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, is also home to the world-famous Muscle Beach, where bodybuilders come from all over the world to flex their muscles for beach-goers and tourists. Justin got into the spirit of Muscle Beach while he was there, too. After repeatedly failing to nail a skateboard trick in the skate park (while fans and paparazzi watched), he finally accomplished it and celebrated by flexing his muscles before ripping his shirt off and celebrating with the other skaters.

Skateboarding isn’t the only sport Justin has been trying lately. On Monday, he posted that he had just had his first tennis lesson and that he was, “pretty bad.”