‘He Feels Empty’: Justin Bieber Doing Whatever He Can To Win Selena Gomez Back?

Justin Bieber shocked us all when he shared a pic of “elegant” Selena Gomez on his Instagram profile yesterday and new reports now claim that the Baby superstar shared the snap because he is desperate to win the brunette back, saying that he “feels empty” and “lost” without her by his side.

Justin celebrated his 20th birthday on March 1 and despite the singer having a fun, low-key party with his loved ones, the quiet ‘do allegedly made him miss Selena even more.

“Justin wants Selena back,” a source “close to the singer” told HollywoodLife, adding: “He misses her and feels lost and empty without her. He’s pretty surprised that their roles have changed. She used to be more into him, and now it’s the other way around. The more she pulls away, the more appealing she is to him.”

Justin is reportedly “empty” without Selena Gomez(Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Selena spent two weeks in rehab in January 2014 and with rumours suggesting that it was her split from Biebs that resulted in her getting emotional help, Justin decided not to invite his on/off GF to his birthday shenanigans. However, this soon backfired because in the end, she was reportedly the only person that he wanted to spend his special day with.

Justin gushed over “elegant” Gomez in a recent Instagram post (Instagram/Justin Bieber)

 “Justin flew to the Bahamas on his birthday and had a small house party at the place he rented,” the source continues. “His mom, dad, and little brother and sister were also there, along with Ryan Butler and Alfredo. His birthday was pretty low-key. That was a wake-up call for Justin; feeling lonely not having Selena around for his big day. And now he’s doing whatever he can to win her back.”

Would you like to see a Jelena reunion?

Will Selena and Justin get back together? (WENN)