‘He Crushed Her’: Ariana Grande’s Ex Jai Brooks Slammed For ‘Phone Break-Up’ Amid Nathan Sykes ‘Overlap’ Rumours

As fans of Ariana Grande begin to speculate on whether her new relationship with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes overlapped with her now defunct romance with Jai Brooks, her brother has taken to Twitter to slam the latter for breaking up with her over the phone.

Grande is now soaring, after having secured a huge-selling No1 album on the Billboard charts and also registering in the Top 10 here in the UK – but she was completely “crushed” by the breakdown of her relationship with Brooks, according to her protective sibling Frankie.

The pair broke up last month, and Frankie wrote on Twitter: “Anybody who believes that rumor about my sister needs to pause. Open their eyes and remember how much she loved him.

“He CRUSHED her w/ a phone breakup and to see Ari that miserable broke MY heart. It was a sad time for us all.”

He then suggested that Brooks himself was behind the rumour, sniping: “Spreading lies to get over a broken heart is just as bad as breaking someone’s heart in the first place & I’d appreciate it not happen.”

Brooks did not seem the slightest bit impressed, and apparently told Frankie he didn’t “know s**t”.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, he allegedly wrote: “don’t u dare f**king talk about me when u don’t know s**t. i havnt said anything. why do you feel the need to?

“When someone says sh*t to try and make me look bad, I am 100% going to stick up for myself. I don’t care what anyone else says.”

Ariana herself has not commented, but cryptically wrote earlier this week: “I was raised to never speak poorly or spread false rumors about anybody… Sending light and kindness to everyone in my path”.

On Monday she and Sykes both confirmed they were dating following constant speculation. After being photographed hand-in-hand at Disneyland, they each finally admitted they were an item.

The ‘Baby I’ singer wrote: “we hesitated saying anything as people can be a bit insensitive but thank u ? we value all of your happiness, thank you for valuing ours”. Nathan, meanwhile, gushed: “So, I guess it’s obvious now … thanks to everyone who is being so lovely. I’m so happy #butweareterrified #pleasedontkillme #orariana”